The Thaumaturgy Department

(It's dramaturgy, not thaumaturgy.)


Main Entry: thau·ma·turg
Pronunciation: \ˈthȯ-mə-ˌtərj\
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from New Latin thaumaturgus, from Greek thaumatourgos working miracles, from thaumat-, thauma miracle + ergon work — more at Theater, Work

2014-2015 Season:
Next to Normal
It's A Wonderful Life
One Night in Miami
Herzog Rep
After the Revolution
4000 Miles
Play Labs

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Come, rest in this bosom, my own stricken deer, Though the herd have fled from thee, thy home is still here: Here still is the smile that no cloud can o’ercast, And the heart and the hand all thy own to the last. Oh! what was love made for, if ‘tis not the same Through joy and through torments, through glory and shame! I knew not, I ask not if guilt’s in that heart, I but know that I love thee, whatever thou art! Thou hast call’d me thy angel, in moments of bliss, — Sill thy Angel I’ll be, ‘mid the horrors of this, — Through the furnace, unshrinking, thy steps to pursue, And shield thee, and save thee, or perish there too!

Thomas Moore (1779-1852)

Lyrics for what was, allegedly, Poe’s favorite song.

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