The Thaumaturgy Department

(It's dramaturgy, not thaumaturgy.)


Main Entry: thau·ma·turg
Pronunciation: \ˈthȯ-mə-ˌtərj\
Function: noun
Etymology: French, from New Latin thaumaturgus, from Greek thaumatourgos working miracles, from thaumat-, thauma miracle + ergon work — more at Theater, Work

2014-2015 Season:
Next to Normal
It's A Wonderful Life
One Night in Miami
Herzog Rep
After the Revolution
4000 Miles
Play Labs

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Une Voyage dans la Lune, a silent film released in 1902 by Georges Méliès, is one of my favorite bits of Verne cultural ephemera. Heavily inspired by Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon, Méliès created one of the first and most memorable works of cinematic science-fiction. Particularly iconic: the man in the moon, grumbling after the rocket ship lands in one of his eyes, and the moonmen, a lizardlike people wielding tridents who disappear in a video-game-esque puff of smoke when struck. -DL

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